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About Cross Keys


Cross Keys Capital is a leading middle market investment bank focused on providing merger and acquisition advisory services to privately-held companies. Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Cross Keys Capital was founded by three investment bankers with extensive experience gained at top tier Wall Street institutions. 100% results driven and dedicated to creating maximum value for its clients, the mission of Cross Keys Capital is to be the preeminent provider of services to privately-held businesses in the middle market.

Middle Market Focus
We focus exclusively on the middle market, an area traditionally under served by Wall Street, and provide the same level of expert strategic advice and professional transaction execution that is generally only available to significantly larger companies. Our transactions typically range in value from $10 million to $100 million but, regardless of the size of the client or the size of the transaction, each project receives the exact same level of senior banker attention and firm-wide effort.

Industry Knowledge
With over ten senior bankers around the country, we can count on considerable expertise across a wide variety of different industries. The professionals at Cross Keys Capital have relevant real world entrepreneurial, operational, and management experience, which is a crucial element in understanding business models and determining the most suitable group. Our wealth of industry experience allows us to provide each client with a superior understanding of operational and market issues. Further, Cross Keys Capital leverages its tremendous industry knowledge to achieve the most favorable terms for our clients.

Market Presence
With over $3.0 billion of successfully-closed transactions, the founders of Cross Keys Capital have developed a vast network of longstanding strategic and financial investor relationships to meet the needs of its clients. Additionally, Cross Keys Capital utilizes the same research resources utilized by the world’s leading investment banking firms. While our range of experience is quite diverse, we pride ourselves on remaining true to our core middle market clientele. We have also broadened our global reach, by completing multiple deals with international acquirors and developing new strategic relationships with international firms. We have considerable expertise in a wide variety of different industries to identify the most probable and most suitable candidates to complete a transaction under the most favorable terms for our clients.

Senior Level Attention
With an average of 15 years experience each, our senior bankers know that every transaction presents its own unique challenges; therefore, it is imperative to do business with a firm that knows how to navigate a complex and, oftentimes, volatile process. Cross Keys Capital offers all of its clients unparalleled responsiveness and senior level attention, both during and after the transaction process.

High Level of Confidentiality
The utmost respect and care for our clients’ confidentiality is a hallmark of how we do business. We understand the paramount importance of mitigating rumors and potential dissemination of sensitive corporate information to external parties. As such, we painstakingly research all parties prior to contacting them and work hand-in-hand with our clients, as a team, to compile a carefully-selected target list of investors and lenders. We will custom-tailor our approach to meet your confidentiality needs and never “over-expose” your company.