“While we initially selected Cross Keys due to their team’s knowledge and experience with similar physician groups, it was their consistent guidance that was invaluable in aligning our group with the ideal partner to help us build on the practice we have established and also retain the culture of our organization. The team at Cross Keys was unwavering in their commitment to our shareholders, our practice, as well as our personal and corporate goals, shepherding us through the process to the consummation of our exciting new partnership. From the beginning, I always felt as though Cross Keys had our best interests in mind. Their team played a key role in bringing this partnership to a successful fruition.”

Christopher Quinn, O.D.
President – Omni Eye Services


“Cross Keys Capital distinguishes themselves from many investment banks with their work ethic, diligence, knowledge of the healthcare space, and unfettered drive to succeed for their client. Even in a best-case scenario, selecting a partner is a stressful and exhaustive process for a practice to weather. Bill and Marjorie simplified our decision making, continuously imparted confidence to my team on achieving our goal, expertly performed all of our heavy lifting, and actually allowed my team to have fun along the journey.”

Daryl Mann, O.D.
Co-Founder – SouthEast Eye Specialists


“Your work, I believe, not only made our deal possible, but in fact maximized the amount of capital we received…Whether it was negotiating terms, working on the accounting or keeping the multiple parties informed, your firm was tireless. Not very often in life does one feel that they got their money’s worth. In this case, we got more.”

Marc I. Levine, M.D.
President & Founder – Mid-Florida Anesthesia Associates

“Bill Britton and his colleagues at Cross Keys Capital did a tremendous job of helping us navigate through the intense negotiations and complex financial and structural issues throughout the process. Cross Keys Capital is incredibly knowledgeable and their extensive deal experience played a critical role in helping to secure the transaction. Their role became increasingly important as the deal progressed and intensified. I was extremely impressed with their work ethic and dedication, and firmly believe that this deal never would have gotten done without their involvement. I would unquestionably recommend Cross Keys Capital.”

Grant Henegan
Founder and CEO – Anvil America

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all the assistance Cross Keys Capital has provided to New Britain Anesthesia, P.C. this past year. As you are well aware, beginning in early 2011, the partners of New Britain Anesthesia began to evaluate a potential partnership with both strategic and equity suitors. It was only through your commitment to us that we have been able to accomplish the task that we initially embarked on. The end result has been an extremely favorable transaction between New Britain Anesthesia, P.C. and North American Partners in Anesthesia.”

“Our experience with Cross Keys Capital was exceptional. The CKC team was informative, supportive, realistic, and incredibly responsive throughout the whole process. Their fundamental knowledge regarding the process, the current market, the potential partners, and expectations were accurate at all times. Their dedication to their clients (us), work ethic, and professionalism was remarkable.
Their expertise in practice evaluation both clinical and financial, and truly understanding our practice was impressive. They developed an Information Memorandum that was accurate, expansive and informative representing all aspects of our practice.

This process is a daunting task for any group. It is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging to any individual(s) who may be responsible for exploring all available opportunities and solutions for their group. It is critically important that you select the right consultant to help you through the process. I am thankful and confident that Cross Keys Capital was the right choice for our group.”

Michael A. Loiacono, D.O.
Medical Director – NAPA Connecticut
Former Medical Director – New Britain Anesthesia, P.C., New Britain, Connecticut

“I could not be more grateful to Rick Becker and his team at Cross Keys for the nothing-short-than herculean effort they made on our behalf. From day one, they established a disciplined sale process by which our prospective suitor, one of the largest OEMs in the industry, had to abide. Later, as the closing drew near, and an unexpected glitch threatened to derail the deal, Cross Keys would not give up until it was resolved. Ultimately, their efforts paid off and we received maximum value for our $30 million aviation business. It’s difficult to find good advisors who will stand by you in good times and bad, and always give you the straight truth. For this reason, I am particularly appreciative of Cross Keys’ work ethic and integrity. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone contemplating any kind of M&A transaction.”

Frank Villasante
President & Founder – High Standard Aviation, Inc.

“Bill Britton and the entire team at Cross Keys Capital were instrumental in allowing us to fulfill our goals. Their industry knowledge and guidance were invaluable in helping us sort through the various strategic options that were available to us, and in identifying the right partner for our group. Our practice is joining American Anesthesiology because of our shared focus on providing superior clinical care and the best possible service to help ensure the satisfaction of all of our patients.”

Steve Edbril, M.D.
Corporate Medical Director, American Anesthesiology of Florida
Former President – Pinnacle Anesthesia, PL., Palm Beach County, Florida

“We have known and talked to Cross Keys Capital for years. They know the health care space through and through, and their multiple office structure really helps to keep fees efficient. I would undoubtedly give them my highest recommendation. Our deal would never have closed without their assistance and deal leadership.”

Josh Gochnauer
Managing Partner – Life Fitness Physical Therapy

“Cross Keys Capital learned my business inside and out prior to taking me to market. They brought forward six qualified buyers and helped lead me to the right decision personally and for my business. Versus a strategic sale, a recap greatly enhanced the value I received, and Cross Keys Capital was precise and accurate in strongly making this recommendation. I have since recommended David and Richard to competitors in my industry, and I will gladly continue to do so.”

Dr. Robert Burke, M.D.
Midtown Imaging, LLC – West Palm Beach, FL

“I thought I knew everyone in the industry and thus would not need an investment banker to sell my distribution supply business. However, after trying to sell myself unsuccessfully for over two years, Cross Keys Capital was able to relatively quickly consummate a transaction at premium value. I did not know that Mitsubishi even was in my business, let alone that they would be our buyer.”

Stanley Holzman, CEO
Morris Ginsberg & Son, Inc. Baltimore, MD

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Cross Keys Capital twice, the first time was when I sold my business and the latter when I was a buyer. Cross Keys Capital maintains the highest degree of ethical standards and stewardship for his clients. Most notably he knows how to get to the finish line and make certain that deals close. As a fellow Wharton alum, it has been a pleasure to work with Rick on both occasions, each of which I would clearly define as a success.”

Rick Levy
CEO – Parts Distributors, Inc. Pennsauken, NJ

“Cross Keys Capital was integral in finding the perfect partner for myself and the Company. My metric for success from the beginning was a value-added partner that possessed significant operating experience in specialty finance and securitization and was able to contribute not only capital but who also shared in my vision for Client First’s continued growth. Cross Keys Capital not only helped to ensure a year-end close, which was very important to me, but also provided the technical understanding of the M&A sale process to assure a timely and efficient process.”

Burt Kroner
CEO – Client First

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